Southern California Hospital Culver City

Employee Perspectives

Courtney, RN, Medical/Surgical Unit

“I’ve been in the role to be a caretaker for a family member, so I can see patient care from both the patient’s and the nurse’s viewpoint, which I find beneficial. I started out as a new grad at Southern California Hospital at Culver City, but stayed after completing the program because of the way nurses are treated. My manager, especially, is always asking us for input on how to improve our processes and care. More importantly, they implement our suggestions.”

Carlos, RN, Telemetry

“I started at Southern California Hospital at Culver City as a new nursing grad and found my colleagues to be helpful and patient. Opportunities like this don’t come often; to be able to advance my career in this environment has been very rewarding.”


Enid, Charge RN, Behavioral Health

“I love working here for both the patients and the people. I had many chances to work elsewhere, but I always stayed at Southern California Hospitals (fomerly Brotman) because it’s like a family. I came to a new country and city and felt right at home here. People care about each other and help each other out.”

Sidikat, RN, BSN, PHN, Critical Care

“I appreciate three things about working at Southern California Hospital at Culver City: the teamwork, focus on employee and patient safety, and educational opportunities. Teamwork and safety are highly emphasized here–which benefits the nurses and the patients. In addition, I am always being encouraged to expand my nursing career expertise by attending the FlexEd courses, lecture series, and HealthStream online learning.”

Danielle, RN, Telemetry

“I initially chose to work at Southern California Hospital at Culver City because the hospital had a strong new grad program and offered scheduling flexibility. Since working here, I also discovered that hospital leadership encourages suggestions from nurses on how to improve the patient experience and really listens to our feedback. My coworkers are very supportive and that makes patient care a lot easier.”

Ruben, Behavioral Health Tech

“I chose to work in this field more than 25 years ago because mental health issues often are not as easily identifiable as medical illnesses. You have to dig deeper with behavioral health patients to learn about their condition.

I try to take the time to listen to our patients, set limits and help them to gain understanding about their medications. When they thank me just for listening, it makes my day.  Sometimes they even call me Uncle Ruben.”

Eddie, Behavioral Health Tech

“Something about this place, it’s amazing—I feel like it is a family. I look forward to coming here every day. With our new leadership, I have never seen the administration so motivated to move the hospital forward. This place is the best it has ever been; I love it. In regard to patient care, my philosophy is that they are not only patients, they are humans with a heart.”

Sally, Behavioral Health Nurse

“As a nurse, I never expected to be a patient in my own hospital. I learned a new saying the day I became sick, mai dire mai, which means ‘never say never’ in Italian. It sometimes can take getting very sick and being a patient to learn how wonderful Southern California Hospital at Culver City is. In addition to the great emergency and surgical care, I credit the love and attention of the exceptional team for saving my life.” Read more of Sally’s story.

Junel, RN, Behavioral Health/Acute Rehab/Subacute

In 2018, I went from being an LVN to an RN and love the variety of floating to different units. I always feel like my workload is light because everyone pitches in to help each other. I also enjoy the cultural diversity of our patients as this requires a different approach and communication skills with different patients.