Imaging Services (Radiology)

The Imaging Services Department of Southern California Hospital at Culver City provides a full range of routine and complex radiology services for the care of our patients. Services are performed by certified radiologic technicians who have specialized training in performing diagnostic and specialized radiology examinations. The scans taken by the technicians are then reviewed by a radiologist, who generates a report to the referring physician.

SCH-CC provides the technical expertise, equipment and capabilities to provide a full range of radiology services. Our hospital offers advanced imaging tools for diagnosis and treatment, including CT (computed tomography) scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), diagnostic and special procedures (including angiography and angioplasty), nuclear medicine and ultrasound.

The hospital’s recently added state-of-the-art multi-slice CT scanner features advanced technology that produces split-second high-quality images. This allows doctors to view more anatomical detail in a fraction of the time needed for other tests. With this new scanner, our doctors are able to more effectively detect and treat a range of life-threatening illnesses including heart disease, cancer, stroke and lung disease. The possibility of discovering disease in an early stage, when a wider array of effective treatment options may be available, should help doctors make an accurate diagnosis and recommend appropriate treatment for patients.