Cardiovascular Services

Coronary heart disease (CHD) remains the leading cause of death in the United States. There are more than 1 million new and recurring cases of heart attacks each year, with 40% of heart attack sufferers not surviving. That is why Southern California Hospital at Culver City offers a comprehensive range of cardiac services from non-invasive diagnostic testing to interventional procedures, as well as vascular and cardiac surgery. Many problems associated with CHD could be avoided if people got tested regularly. SCH-Culver City’s believes screening and prompt, sophisticated treatment may save countless lives.

Early detection is your first line of defense against peripheral and cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, many people fail to recognize the warning signs and risk factors, putting themselves at risk of suffering a stroke, aneurysm or heart attack. If you experience any of the following signs and symptoms, consider scheduling an appointment for a comprehensive screening:

  • Family history of heart or vascular disease
  • High blood pressure despite use of medication
  • Sudden increase in blood pressure
  • Leg pain when walking or exercising
  • Ulcers or sores on legs or feet that won’t heal
  • Dizzy spells
  • Spots in front of eyes
  • Fleeting weakness or numbness in face, legs or arms
  • Chest pain

We have the tools needed to protect your heart’s health and assist you in a cardiac emergency. And our services continue to grow; we’re getting bigger and better as we use advanced diagnostic and screening tools to provide physicians and their patients more options to protect and restore healthy hearts. We also have future plans to perform open heart surgeries.

Our multidisciplinary team includes an interventional cardiologist, vascular surgeons, an interventional radiologist, cardiothoracic surgeons, cardiovascular technicians and critical care nurses. Our physicians and surgeons are board-certified specialists who trained at some of the nation’s top medical schools. They perform non-invasive testing on an outpatient basis.

Initially, patients are given a comprehensive physical and asked for their family medical history. Depending upon the patient’s condition and potential risk factors, testing may then include:

  • Ankle brachial index (ABI)
  • Ultrasound
  • Exercise testing (treadmill)
  • Plethsymography (blood volume testing)

If the patient’s results indicate a potential problem, peripheral or coronary catheterization may be needed for further testing, including:

  • Angiograms of the legs, neck, abdomen, kidneys
  • Heart angiogram

After testing and diagnosis, our heart and vascular specialists develop an individualized treatment plan that takes a multidisciplinary approach. Treatment may include one or more of the following:

  • Medical management
  • Risk factor (smoking, cholesterol, etc.) reduction
  • Diabetes management
  • Exercise/rehabilitation
  • Medication
  • Minimally invasive intervention
  • Angioplasty (with or without stents)
  • Rotational atherectomy
  • Coronary bypass
  • Valve replacement

From sophisticated procedures to comprehensive rehabilitation and wellness programs, you will find a high level of heart care at Southern California Hospital at Culver City.

Please call (310) 836-7000 to speak with our Cardiology Services Department.

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