Bariatric and Surgical Weight Reduction

Bariatric surgery offers an effective approach to help patients eat less, lose excess weight, and regain their health by limiting the stomach’s capacity. Statistics indicate that 90% of those who have bariatric surgery lose 50% of their excess body weight.

At Southern California Hospital at Culver City, we are proud to offer a weight loss surgery facility and program focused on long-term success and safety. Our bariatric surgeons provide the complete spectrum of bariatric services to hundreds of people each year, from diagnosis and surgical treatment to patient and family support. Our approach to bariatric surgery is totally comprehensive, and more than 5,000 surgeries have been performed at our hospital.

Are you a candidate for this procedure?

Standard criteria for this surgery are: being 100 pounds over ideal weight; have weight-related health problems; and have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight through diet, medication and exercise.

Benefits of this surgery may include a decreased risk for heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, and other medical problems; the possible elimination of certain medications; improved sexual functions for males; diminishing of sleep apnea; and increased self-esteem.

Bariatric and surgical weight reduction is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary outpatient department of SCH-CC that combines medical expertise, education, and psychological and nutritional support to maximize one’s weight loss success through gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or lap band surgery.

Surgical procedures are performed in one of six operating room suites. Recently renovated, these suites feature the latest in surgical technology. They are used for same-day outpatient surgery as well as inpatient procedures.

Our hospital has separate areas for pre- and post-operative care for our same-day surgical weight loss patients to ensure maximum comfort.

The surgical suites are equipped with advanced anesthesia monitoring equipment, which enables the anesthesiologist to accurately monitor a patient’s level of consciousness during surgery.

If you choose SCH-CC for this procedure, be assured your surgery at our Bariatric & Surgical Weight Reduction Center is done by surgeons with advanced training in state-of-the-art laparoscopic techniques. They are supported by a team of medical professionals with specialized skills in weight loss surgery techniques and a diverse group of experienced medical personnel. Our pledge to you is that we will provide you with the most advanced surgical treatments available.